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The labourer is worthy of his hire (Luke x 7)

Salary Scales for Organists

The RSCM has now issued its 2016 recommendations for fees and salaries for church musicians. Affiliates can request a pdf copy of this by emailing the RSCM directly.

The following sites contain recommended rates for church organists:
1) The Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM)
2) The Musicians' Union
3) Church Music Online
4) World Organ Directory
5) The Scottish Federation of Organists
6) The Church of Scotland

a) Under the terms of the Competition Act 1998 some professional bodies have taken the view that they can no longer publish annual recommended fees. Accordingly, a new system for providing information on fees charged by freelance professional musicians that will comply with the Act has been developed by the ISM.

b) Fees are a matter of individual negotiation between the organist and his employer/client. They should normally be increased annually by the rate of inflation – the Retail Price Index (RPI). This is currently running at 3.4%.

Fees survey on the ISM Salary Scales page.

Video recordings.
This useful pdf gives a guide to additional fees chargeable where services are recorded.

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