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For more information, please contact the churches concerned:
  Abingdon   St Nicolas   01235 534654, email
  Bracknell   Holy Trinity   01344 867383/ 0777 535 6652, email
  Cowley (see picture, right)   SS Mary & John   07590514884/ 01865 242396 email
  Earley   St Peter   0118 966 6701, email
  Faringdon   All Saints'   01367 240106, email
  Henley-on-Thames   St Mary   01491 577340, email
  Reading   St Barnabas, Emmer Green   0118 947 0895, email

1) Dedication links go to pdf files of or links to the church's advertisement. Place-name links go to the church's website.
2) Churches needing an organist are urged most strongly to advertise in the Church Times and/or Church Music Quarterly. This is the best way to reach church musicians.
3) Organists Online provides a similar, free, internet-based service.
4) Please tell us when your post has been filled so we can remove its particulars. Advertisements will be removed after 3 months unless we have heard from you.
5) Suggested salary scales can be found here.
6) RSCM Affiliates can request a copy of the latest salary scales.
7) Churches are urged to read the main RSCM website's recommendations on paying church musicians, and to
8) give their organists a contract. The ISM page on organists' contracts is here.
[You may be interested in examples of organists' contracts and conditions from other bodies:
a) The Church of Scotland
b) The Scottish Federation of Organists]

Featured vacancy





SS Mary & John, Cowley

Organist Publications is a helpful site with free downloads of editable contracts and accompanying notes. A possible contract is available here (pdf). If you would like a non-pdf version to edit yourself, please email us.
An article from The Times Online about the need to employ organists on a proper basis.

Video recordings: Additional fees are payable where services are recorded - see this pdf.

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