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For more information, please contact the churches concerned:
  Abingdon   St Nicolas   01235 534654, email
  Bracknell   Holy Trinity   01344 867383/ 0777 535 6652, email
  Deddington (application form)   SS Peter & Paul   01869 336880, email
  Earley   St Peter   0118 966 6701, email
  Faringdon   All Saints'   01367 240106, email
  Reading   St Barnabas, Emmer Green   0118 947 0895, email

1) Dedication links go to pdf files of or links to the church's advertisement. Place-name links go to the church's website.
2) Churches needing an organist are urged most strongly to advertise in the Church Times and/or Church Music Quarterly. This is the best way to reach church musicians.
3) Organists Online provides a similar, free, internet-based service.
4) Please tell us when your post has been filled so we can remove its particulars. Advertisements will be removed after 3 months unless we have heard from you.
5) Suggested salary scales can be found here.
6) RSCM Affiliates can request a copy of the latest salary scales.
7) Churches are urged to read the main RSCM website's recommendations on paying church musicians, and to
8) give their organists a contract. The ISM page on organists' contracts is here.
[You may be interested in examples of organists' contracts and conditions from other bodies:
a) The Church of Scotland
b) The Scottish Federation of Organists]

Deddington, SS Peter & Paul

Organist Publications
is a helpful site with free downloads of editable contracts and accompanying notes. A possible contract is available here (pdf). If you would like a non-pdf version to edit yourself, please email us.
An article from The Times Online about the need to employ organists on a proper basis.

Video recordings: Additional fees are payable where services are recorded - see this pdf.
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