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Learning the Organ


If you would like to learn the organ, various schemes are in place to help you, some of which are listed below.

St Giles' Church, Oxford, runs a 'Learn the Organ' scheme, and the Newbury Organists' Association offers introductory organ lessions.

You might also be interested in the Ushaw Organ Weekend, May 31th - June 2nd.
RSCM Pipeline Scheme   Bursaries / tuition for young people (11 - 16) of at least Grade 5 piano standard. Details
Royal College of Organists   The RCO Academy offers a wide range of events for all ages and abilities. It also offers awards and bursaries.
The Young Organ Scholars' Trust   A trust to teach and inspire able young organists past the beginner stage . Details
Useful Links
RSCM Shop: Organ Tutors A collection of teach-yourself books and easy anthologies
Kevin Mayhew An eclectic selection of accessible and useful organ music
Liturgy Tools A useful site for beginners with links and advice.
American Guild of Organists A site with many useful and interesting links for new organists (not just in the USA!)
Challenges facing the young organist today A page of helpful links and ideas from Viscount organs
Noorlander Organs A Dutch firm making virtual Hauptwerk practice instruments
2) Berkshire
2a) BOA Organ Teachers in Berkshire
3) Buckinghamshire

4) The Incorporated Association of Organists
5) The Royal College of Organists
6) Organists Online
7) The Society of Women Organists

Organists' Review
The Organ

Janette Cooper's helpful little book, The Reluctant Organist, is still available from the RSCM, as is her collection, Angela's Pieces.

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