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Psallam spiritu et mente

Three-Day Course from April 9th - 11th 2018 in Exeter & Lincoln Colleges, Oxford

Course Director:

Dr Jonathan White
Institute of Sacred Music, Yale University
Organist, The Anglican Singers

trebles and sopranos aged 8 to 18


The course is now also geared to helping you pass your
Bronze and Silver award examinations

Make your Easter holiday special! Join the 100+ choristers who come to the Oxford Three-Day Course each year, enjoy our beautiful new venues in Exeter & Lincoln Colleges, Oxford, and
  • improve your singing of hymns, psalms, canticles, anthems and Easter carols
  • learn new music
  • improve your tone, diction, breath control, and phrasing
  • receive expert tuition from first-rate musicians
  • meet choristers from other churches
  • see friends from previous courses, and make new friends on this one
  • perhaps win a scholarship to a one-week RSCM Residential Course, if you are 14 or under. (Up to 3 such awards are made at the end of this course.)

Daily programme starts at 9.30 am and ends with a service at 4.15 pm, ending at 5 pm (5.30 pm on the third day). Music is provided. Robes are worn, but members of unrobed choirs are equally welcome. Please inform the Administrator if anyone requires robes.)

NB: Choir trainers and clergy
are invited to attend practices as well as the daily service. To observe the training sessions, please contact the Course Director, and in the case of the house sessions, the Housemaster, in person at the beginning of the session.

Enquiries: Sue Scott


COST: £80
(This excludes refreshments, apart from soft drinks. Bring a packed lunch and tea.)

How to find the Colleges
(They are next to each other, in Turl Street)

Comments on the Course

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